Codes, Guidelines, Regulations & Rules

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  • Competition regulations

  • Rule Changes for 2018-2019

  • Officiating Booklet 2018-2019

  • Centre Uniform Guidelines

  • Region and State Uniform Guidelines

Code of Conduct

The Centre and Little Athletics Victoria have Codes of Conduct which all members are expected to comply with. South Melbourne District Little Athletics Centre will endeavour that all athletes, coaches, spectators, parents, officials and administrators are aware and understand the expected behaviour by everyone involved in the Centre. The full LAVic policy can be accessed here. The Centre will take appropriate action where these codes are breached.

Outlined below is a basic overview of the expectations of all involved.

Little Athletes' Code of Behaviour

Play by the rules.

Never argue with an official.

Always control your temper. Abuse of officials, parents or other athletes, deliberately distracting or provoking an opponent is not acceptable or permitted.

Work equally hard for yourself and your centre.

Always be a good sport and treat all athletes as you like to be treated.

Co-operate with your coach, club mates and other participants.

Participate in Little Athletics for the fun.

Parents' Code of Behaviour

Encourage children to participate if they are interested. If a child is not willing – do not force him/her.

Focus on the child's efforts rather than the overall outcome of the event.

Teach children an honest effort is as important as a victory.

Encourage children to always participate according to the rules.

Never ridicule or yell at a child for making a mistake or losing an event.

Remember children are involved in Little Athletics for their enjoyment not yours.

If you have a disagreement with an official, raise the issue through appropriate channels.

Support all efforts to remove any verbal or physical abuse at Little Athletics.

Recognise the value of being a volunteer or coach.

Demonstrate appropriate social behaviour, by not harassing athletes, coaches or officials.

The premises, track grounds and playing areas are "SMOKE FREE" zones.

Spectators' Code of Behaviour

Remember children participate in Little Athletics for fun.

Applaud good performances and efforts from each athlete.

Congratulate all athletes upon their performance regardless of outcome.

Respect all official decisions.

Never ridicule a child for making a mistake during competition.

Always aim to give children positive motivational comments.

Show respect for each and every participant. Without them there would be no events.

Coaches' Code of Behaviour

Be reasonable in your demands of young athletes time, energy and enthusiasm.

Teach athletes that the rules are mutual agreements which should never be broken.

Whenever possible, group athletes to give a reasonable chance of success.

Avoid focussing on high achieving athletes, all athletes deserve equal time.

Remember that children participate for fun and enjoyment and winning is a bonus.

Ensure that equipment and facilities meet safety standards.

Take into consideration the maturity level of the children when scheduling the length of training sessions and competitions.

Develop respect for the ability of opponents as well as for the judgement of officials and coaches.

Make a personal commitment to keep yourself informed of sound coaching principles and the principles of child growth and development.

Demonstrate appropriate behaviour at all times.

Parent Responsibility

As a Parent or Guardian of a child/children registered with South Melbourne District Little Athletics Centre, I acknowledge and commit to the following:


  • I will ensure that I will always be in attendance, or I will have appointed a responsible adult to act on my behalf in caring for my child/ren.
  • I am responsible for my child/ren's behaviour, welfare and making decisions about their treatment in the event of an injury.
  • I support the Athlete Code of Behaviour.

Little Athletics is a CO-OPERATIVE VENTURE

The program requires the assistance of at least 60 parents each competition day to ensure the smooth and efficient running of all events and activities. Records are maintained to ensure that all families do their share of duty.

South Melbourne District Little Athletics is allocated duties at Region and State events in accordance with the number of events our athletes have entered. SMDLAC will in turn allocate this duty in a similar manner.

  • I agree that I, or the adult responsible for the care of my child/ren on competition days, will undertake rostered duties on regular competition days
  • I agree to perform duties as required by Team Managers at Regional and/or State events in which my children are entered
  • I understand that failure to complete the required amount of duty may led to the withholding of my child/ren's results and subsequent awards/trophies

Little Athletics is about FAMILY, FUN and FITNESS

South Melbourne District Little Athletics provides an environment of enjoyment and good sportsmanship

  • I support the Parent Code of Behaviour